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10 Truths About Educational Technology

10 Truths About Educational Technology

  1. The learning objective comes first.
  2. No technology is perfect
  3. Digital natives? Sort of.
  4. Make do.
  5. You’ve got to know it to believe in it.
  6. Leaders have followers.
  7. Filtering: Not so fast.
  8. Technology might not be the best tool for the job.
  9. Teaching and learning aren’t the same.
  10. Aim high.

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Welcome to Teach with Reach

Teach with Reach’s main quest is to foster and enable a life long passion for learning.

Currently there are three core processes to help achieve this goal : Student centric, mastery based, just-in-time learning.

Student Centric – Teach students in the way that they learn, not in the way the teacher teaches.

Mastery Based – Change to a variable time, fixed mastery based way of educating. Also let students understand that it can take 10,000 hours to become a master in their craft.

Just-In-Time Learning – Promote a life long passion for learning by making learning so easy that whenever you want to work on a project or face a challenge you can learn what you need to as you need it.