Monthly Archives: September 2013

A life long passion for learning

I was wrong and I’m sorry.
Teach with Reach’s fundamental core is about fostering and enabling a life long passion for learning.

I used to think it was about fostering paradigm changes in Education, but that just translates as ‘we think stuff should change’, but doesn’t give any direction.

With this new core principle it becomes obvious that techniques such as gamification should be use very carefully and cautiously. They are often a source of extrinsic motivation and once that motivation is removed the drive for students to learn drops, whilst focusing on intrinsic motivation helps with the core aim.

An example of the above is parents who pay their kids to when they get an A in their subjects. Remove the monetary incentive and they aren’t likely to go back to wanting to learn. Contrast ‘getting an A in French‘ to ‘Wanting to speak French’. Very different motivations which have long lasting impacts.